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Now a legal requirement for dogs


Now a legal requirement for dogs

A microchip is a small implant, about the size of a grain of rice, that can be placed under the skin and carries a unique number.

Placement requires only an injection that can be carried out in the course of a normal consultation and the chip is usually placed in the region over the shoulder blades.

Microchips can also be placed while your pet is undergoing a surgical procedure, such as neutering.

They are read by a special scanner, rather like reading a barcode at the supermarket checkout.

If your pet gets lost and is handed in to a rescue kennel, the Cats Protection or a veterinary surgery, they will be able to find the chip with the scanner and phone a central database to get your contact details by quoting your pet's chip number.

Other information, such as a serious medical condition like diabetes or epilepsy, can also be stored at the central database; so if your pet can not be reunited with you straight away, he will be given the appropriate treatment in the interim.

Microchips are a vital part of the Pet Travel Scheme and also can help settle dispute of ownership as they will stay in your pet’s body indefinitely and no other pet will have the same number. Please ensure your microchip is working before you travel.

Please mention when you are booking an appointment or an operation if you would like a microchip implanted as well, then we can have all the necessary paperwork ready for you when you come in.

We use BackHome microchips. Register online here.

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