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Our Prices

We provide the best care for a reasonable rate

Our Prices

We provide the best care for a reasonable rate


  Standard Price
Initial Consultation (Cat/Dog) £52.00
Re-examination Consultation (Cat/Dog) £48.00
Small Mammal Consultation £47.00
Registration Consultation  FREE



  Standard Price Pet Health Club
Initial Dog Vaccinations £120.00 Included
Dog Booster Vaccination £75.00 Included
Kennel Cough Vaccination £60.00 Included
Initial Kitten Vaccination Course £120.00 Included
Cat Booster Vaccination £75.00 Included
Rabbit Combined Course. Myxo-RHD Plus £78.00 Included

Home Visits

  Standard Price
For Small Animals  £280.00


  Standard Price Pet Health Club
Dog Castration £275.00 - £380 20% off
Dog Spay  From £386.00 - £510.00 20% off
Cat Castration £100.00 20% off
Cat Spay £175.00 20% off
Rabbit Castration £200.00 20% off
Rabbit Spay  £225.00 20% off


  Standard Price Pet Health Club
Microchip Identification (Standard) £38.00 Included


Prescription Fees

  Standard Price Pet Health Club
Written Prescription £28.00 £28.00

Prices updated September 2023

Payment & Insurance Details

We accept cash and most major debit/credit cards. 

Please be prepared to pay at the time of consultation or when collecting your pet after treatment. 

Estimates are provided on request for investigations, treatment and procedures. Some of our clients prefer to make regular payments (by standing order) for long-term problems. 

We recommend that you consider insurance for your pet. 

There are many cost-effective policies around which will give you peace of mind, so you know you can always afford the best treatment for your pet. 

When looking for a policy, you should check whether you would prefer one that gives lifetime cover, for any illness your pet may develop in the future, or cover for just one year. 

  • Lifetime cover is naturally more expensive, but can be better value in the long term.
  • A yearly cover policy will be adequate for most accidents and emergencies, but will not cover chronic conditions (such as allergic skin disease or arthritis) for any more than 12 months, usually from the first signs of the condition. 
  • Under FSA regulations, we are not allowed to recommend any particular policy but have a range of leaflets available. You may be able to add your pet to your house insurance or search online for a suitable policy. 

If your pet is insured, we would ask that your account is settled at the time of treatment in the normal way.

If you have insurance, please ensure you understand exactly what it covers. If in doubt, contact your insurer before or at the start of treatment, to make certain that a claim will be accepted by them. 

You will need to contact your insurance provider for a claim form, and some companies will ask to be notified within a certain time of treatment starting. 

We will fill in the relevant part of the insurance form and supply invoices. All insurance claims now incur an administration fee of £15 for the first claim. Continuation claims are £10.50. Monthly claims (i.e. monthly medication) have a yearly administration fee of £50.

If your claim is accepted by the insurance company, you will then receive payment for the majority of the outlay. There will usually be an excess deducted by the insurance company, although this is usually done once per condition per year. 

Insurance will not usually cover routine preventative procedure such as neutering, prophylactic dentistry (scale and polishes), worming, flea treatment and vaccinations, although some policies may include a voucher towards the cost of vaccination.

It is always important to read and understand the details of your policy.