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Our Facilities

We're equipped to provide the best veterinary care

Our Facilities

We're equipped to provide the best veterinary care

Blackness Veterinary Surgery moved to our new location in May 2019.

The interior of the building has been fitted-out to a high standard to provide the space and equipment for a busy, modern, veterinary practice.

Our facilities include:

  • 4 Consulting Rooms
  • Large Waiting Area for Dogs 
  • Cat Friendly Waiting area
  • 2 dedicated Operating theatres
  • Spacious Surgical Preparation /treatment area
  • Dog hospitalisation Ward
  • Separate Cat ward 
  • Isolation Kennel
  • Well equipped Laboratory for rapid blood sample analysis
  • Digital X-ray unit and processor
  • Ultrasound unit
  • Endoscopes for small and large pets
  • ECG electrocardiogram machine 
  • Blood Pressure monitoring equipment
  • Dental room with dental workstation
  • Dental X-ray machine 


We carry out dentistry on dogs, cats, rabbits & guinea pigs. We have a dedicated dental room  housing a dental table and workstation with all modern veterinary dental equipment. We also have a new dental X-ray machine and processor.

At Blackness Vets we believe that the health of your pet's teeth plays a very important part in their overall wellbeing. Tartar build-up on teeth is unfortunately very common in both dogs and cats, this leads to gum disease which can lead to fracture or loss of teeth or even allow bacteria to spread to other organs, such as the heart or kidneys.
How do I know if my pet needs a dental?

Your pet will receive a dental check-up at his yearly booster, or you can ask for an appointment if you are concerned about your pet's ability to eat, the smelliness of his breath or any damage you may have noticed to his teeth. It is usually possible to get a rough idea of the health of your pet's teeth during a consultation.
For a more detailed examination, and for any treatment such as a scale and polish or extractions, a full general anaesthetic is necessary. This will allow the vet to examine the entire dental arcade, the tongue, gums and palate in a safe and thorough fashion. It may not be possible to determine the number of extractions necessary until this examination takes place, and in many cases, not until the tartar has been removed.

Dental X-rays can reveal damage inside a tooth and below the gums in your pet.This will allow the Vet to decide the best advice to recommend for the individual tooth.

As rabbits and guinea pigs are herbivores, their teeth continue growing throughout their life. This can lead to problems if they do not wear them down evenly by eating a balanced diet of hay and vegetables. If your rabbit or guinea pig is having problems eating, they may need to have their teeth burred or rasped down under anaesthetic to prevent ulcers developing on the tongue. 

Dental X-rays are recommended to help give best advice for recurrent dental problems in our small mammals.


At Blackness Vets we are able to offer a wide range of diagnostic facilities.
We can decide the most appropriate combination of techniques to use on your pet to help us reach a diagnosis.

We have a comprehensive, modern, in-house laboratory including modern haematology, biochemistry and blood-gas analysis machines. This enables us to give you same-day results on many diagnostic tests.

We can carry out complete blood profiles or single tests to provide us with a full biochemical analysis of your pet's blood. We perform analysis of urine /faeces samples and microscopy of a variety of clinical material in our laboratory.
Our daily fast courier service allows us to send samples for more specific tests to an external laboratory.
We have a modern portable ultrasound machine for pregnancy diagnosis and investigation of problems in the chest and abdomen.

We have endoscope equipment to examine the respiratory and gastrointestinal system of small and large pets.
For investigation of medical and surgical cases, we have the latest digital X-Ray equipment, including a dedicated dental x-ray unit.
Blood pressure monitoring:
High blood pressure or systemic hypertension is an important disease process in older animals, especially cats. It is important to have regular monitoring of a blood pressure problem. We also offer blood pressure measurement at our Veterinary Nurse consultations.


We are fully equipped to carry out all routine procedures commonly performed in small animals, such as:

  • Neutering dogs, cats and rabbits (please ask about other species)
  • Orthopaedic (bone and joint) operations
  • Soft tissue operations, such as those involving the intestinal tract, spleen or bladder
  • Wound repair
  • Exploratory surgery
  • Surgery on rats, gerbils, hamsters, hedgehogs, guinea pigs and other small pets

 Our experienced nursing team are dedicated to providing a very high standard of care for your pet before, during and after the operation.